RJ "Zap" Zlatoper
Former Commander - in - Chief of U.S. Pacific Command, Trustee of The Estate of James Campbell
    "I walked around the spaces in some area or another everyday and more or less just stick my head and ask my employees how things are going," Admiral Zlatoper says.  "After about six moths people realized that it was more than a perfunctory how are things going.  It was "Well I got a little problem here" "Okay do you have all the help that you need or can we help up the other end of the building here."

    Admiral Zlatoper shares in this Greater Good TV interview his experiences as military figure, and corporate chief.  He talks about the value of mentorship and putting trust to one's peers.  He shares how faith, generally speaking, contributes significantly to one's struggle over trials and adversities.

    Evan and Kari bring to viewers a great leader, and an even greater advocate of humanity.

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